The Wedding, an 

installation by Betsy Dollar


Paper and the Wearable Book

An Artist Statement

Paper has become my artistic metaphor for being human. Paper is the most commonly used material around, yet is under appreciated. It serves so many purposes, yet it is taken for granted. Just like individual humans, paper ranges from thick and rigid to delicate and flexible; its strength comes from the internal fiber length, not the surface or appearance. Paper is resilient. It can be beaten, folded, manipulated, and transformed into a multitude of useful and beautiful things. And, just like an injured person, paper can be patched, repaired, reformed, reused, and recycled.

In addition to the relationship between the material and the person, there is the metaphorical parallel between the person and a book. Each person is a kinetic story book, often judged by the cover of his or her physical appearance and clothing. My development of the "wearable book" utilizes this metaphor by generating the clothing of my characters to tell part of their story. The The Wedding, an installation by Betsy Dollar powerful cultural understanding and assumptions of clothing combined with text expresses their individual perspective. When my characters come together the individual stories mingle with the current circumstances to compose a new chapter for each participant.

The installation, The Wedding Party, is a grouping of thirteen wearable books. These characters have come together to celebrate matrimony. It is a joyous occasion; yet, everyone present has a different idea of what marriage is, and should be, in the 21st century. Join the party and see where you stand.

The Wedding, an installation by Betsy Dollar


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